Pressure On Celebs To Show Their Work During Corona Pandemic: Says Tamannah Bhatia

Tamannaah Bhatia

(May 30 – Mumbai) – The famous south Indian actress, Tamannah Bhatia says that there is constant pressure by different organizations and societies on the showbiz celebrities to showcase their work for the people during the Corona pandemic.

While talking to journalists during a press conference, she said there are different schools of thought. Some people believe that it is important to showcase your social work for the people to spread awareness. They also like to talk about their relief work during the world pandemic.

But I am from a different school of thought, she said. The 31 years old South Indian actress Tamannah Bhatia said that if she is doing some work for the people during the hours of the pandemic, it is not necessary to always talk about it in the public. She further added that it is also not important to post pictures on Instagram and Twitter to show how we are helping the people.

According to Geo entertainment news, she said that there are different sections of society who are always criticizing showbiz celebrities for not helping the people. They want us to tell them how much we are donating or how much we are participating in the health crises.

Tamannah Bhatia said that she doesn’t like to showcase her work for humanity. According to her, it is important to help needy people and it is not important to show the world that you are helping them.

She said this is unnecessary pressure on almost every actor or celebs from the showbiz industry. People want them to always talk about it. But we believe that showcasing is not important, we are doing the important part and that is helping people without letting the media knowing about it.