The ‘Raees’ Girl, Mahira Khan from Pakistan is a Big Fan of Malayalam Films

Mahira Khana Malayalam Movies

The South Indian Film industry in India is making records at the box office. But many people don’t know that Malayalam cinema, which is also a part of the South Indian industry is achieving attention from the neighbors as well. Yes, I mean from Pakistan.

Mahira Khan, the ‘Raees’ girl is the most popular actress in India who belongs to Pakistan. She worked in the movie along with King Khan. Her acting skills were admired by Shah Rukh Khan himself.

Mahira Khan Raees Shah Rukh Khan

In a recent interview with Anupam Chopra, she said that she is a big fan of Malayalam films. While talking to the host, she thanked Anupam Chopra for introducing her to Malayalam cinema.

Mahira Khan requested her fans from Pakistan to watch the Malayalam films and she shared her experience as well. Mahira told that when she first talked about it, her friends and fans were not interested, but she convinced them by saying just to watch once and you will be a fan of Malayalam films.

Anupam Chopra who is also a big fan of South Indian films, especially Malayalam films, wrote in her IG story “Love that @mahirahkhan is also a fan of Malayalam movies – may our tribe increase!! #fans“.

Mahira Khan Loves Malayalam Movies


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Mahira Khan is the leading actress in Pakistan who has worked in a lot of films and Tv dramas. Her super hit drama “Humsafar” was released in India as well. In that drama, she worked with Fawad Khan, another top Pakistani actor who is very much famous in India as well, especially for the girls.

Mahira Humsafar

Mahira Khan has 7.6 million fans on her Instagram account while another Pakistani actress, Ayeza Khan is the top actress in Pakistan who has 9.2 million fans on Instagram account. Recently, Ayeza Khan reached 50K followers on TikTok in just 3 days. You can easily understand how popular she is in Pakistan.

In the interview clip, Mahira Khan also talked about the ban on Pakistani artists in India. She said it is the very sad part of the story as the Indian film industry is a platform that can combine all the artists from the entire subcontinent. Mahira said that she is hoping that artists from India and Pakistan can work together again in the future.

After this interview with Mahira, the entire Malayalam audience is feeling proud. They are excited that people from all around the world are interested in their films.

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