Yellow Teeth And Other Discoloration: Causes And Treatments


Yellow teeth can bring about a lot of nuisance and can prompt you to do lots of awkward things in the name of trying to whiten them. Smiling which is usually supposed to make you feel great can also make you feel self-conscious especially if your teeth are less than.

Why Are My Teeth Yellow When I Brush Them Everyday?

Many people who have a problem with yellow teeth; ask that when they brush their teeth every single day then why do they still have yellow teeth? Well, it is not that simple that only brushing daily can whiten your teeth. There might be various reasons for yellow teeth when you brush them every day.

Discoloration of teeth is usually caused when cracked enamel of the teeth is exposed to food and other debris. This accumulates causing the yellowing of the teeth.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

While enamel is usually white on the outside appearance, in the inner coloration it is usually yellow. This is the reason why enamel is not supposed to be cracked. Fluorine in water can also sometimes contribute to the yellowing of teeth.

Some habitual behaviors can also contribute to the yellowing of teeth. Cigarette smoking, chewing of tobacco and habitual coffee and tea drinking are known to be accelerants towards the yellowing of teeth.

Extensive decay and dead nerves can also cause discoloration of teeth. Plaque left by improper brushing of teeth acts as a magnet of food thus enhancing staining of teeth.

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Some stains can be removed by medically being cleaned twice a year. While others usually require aggressive treatment. Thus the best way to keep your teeth all white is to prevent them from being yellowed in the first place.


Treatment of Yellow Teeth

Conscientious brushing and flossing are the best ways to initially prevent these dental menaces. Avoiding all forms of tobacco use, including pipes, cigars, and chewing tobacco ought to be behaviors of the past if you want to maintain white teeth.

Cutting down on the excess intake of coffee and tea is highly recommended. Because the less contact the teeth have with these fluids; the higher the chances you have of maintaining white teeth. If you have a dark highly visible amalgam filling you need to get it replaced with teeth-colored composite. A porcelain crown can also cover up a badly discolored or decayed tooth.

Tooth hygiene is the best of them all in ensuring white sparkling teeth. It comes at no cost and usually requires a minimum of one’s 10 minutes to ensure the lifetime success of white teeth.

Brushing of the teeth should be done for a minimum of ten minutes. It should be vigorous covering all the parts of the teeth. Cracked teeth also become yellowish, so here you can check the causes and treatment of cracked teeth.

There are also modern ways to bleach your teeth and ensure they are white but these procedures should be carried under the supervision of a dentist to prevent it from being disastrous. Never use any amount of chlorine to try to whiten your teeth as this chemical is usually toxic.

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