10 Easy To Lose Weight Hacks Without Using Supplements


Many craziest diet plans have some side effects for the people who wanted to lose weight fast. Whereas, relying only on long and tough workout sessions is also a bad idea to lose weight fast.

If you are the one who desperately wanted to lose weight, then you should follow these simple weight loss hacks. You should be clever and should try a mix of a proper low-calorie diet along with a regular exercise plan. In short, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle to lose weight.

You can burn your excessive fats without following a strict diet plan with these simple and easy-to-follow weight loss hacks.


So, let’s get started:

1- Half Gallon Water Challenge

Drink More Water

Everyone knows that drinking more water is good for getting glowing skin. But it is a fact that it also helps in losing weight fast. You should set your goal to drink half a gallon of water in a day. This is the minimum amount of water that you should drink in any case.

You can drink even more for better results. I started this water challenge and I lose 2 pounds in just 15 days. Start this and you will see the difference and you will feel much better and healthy as well.

2- Use Smaller Plate

Use Smaller Plate

Use a smaller plate during your lunch or dinner. If you do this, your mind will think there is more food on the plate and you will start feeling full. You will also put less food on a smaller plate so it will help in losing weight. 

3- Walk a Bit Further

walk more while shopping

While parking your car, try to find a place at the start or at the end of the shopping mall so that you have to walk a bit further. This simple hack will make you walk 500 to 1000 extra steps every day. One more simple hack is to use the stairs while going to the other floor and avoid using the elevator or escalator.

4- Spend Some Time With Kids

Spend Time With Kids

If you have kids, then make it your habit to spend some time with the kids in the morning. Usually, kids love to walk and run with mom and dad. So when you spend some time with the kids you will have a reason to walk with them or to increase your physical activity.

5- Stop Drinking Soda and Junk


Avoid any sugar-added drinks like soda other soft drinks. You are taking too many calories while drinking soft drinks. With that, also avoid junk food like burgers, pizza, fries or other food like this.

6- Eat Vegetables Before Dinner/Lunch

eat vegetables before meal

It is good to eat some raw vegetables before dinner and lunch. Carrots, turnips, cucumber, beetroot, and a lot more raw vegetables are easily available. If you do so, you will require to eat less amount of food at dinner and lunch which is very good for your health and you will consume fewer calories. It will help in reducing your weight quickly.

7- Join Kids in the Park

If you join your kids in the park then don’t pass the time sitting on the bench and watching your kids playing. Try to relax and stretch your muscles during that time.

8- Running Shoes on Vacations

 running up stairway

Always bring your running shoes on the vacations. You will find good places for jogging or walking in almost every place. So wake up 20 to 30 minutes early so that you can go out jogging even when you are on the vacation and avoid getting extra fats again during that time.

Not only on vacations, but you can also have a daily routine morning walk as well. With that, if you get a chance, do join a good gym program that offers proper training with certified trainers.

If you decide to join a fitness program, get full knowledge before joining. Though the price is not important than your health, still you have to check the prices as well. Here you can check YouFit Prices 2022 near you.

With prices, you should see if the fitness program is schedule is not strict and you can join when you are free. It should not be a tough one as well. You only need to lose weight, not to make a body like bodybuilders.

9- Healthy Breakfast

healthy food for weight loss

Your breakfast should be healthy and the fruit smoothies are the best. These smoothies will keep you fresh and full all day. It will also provide more energy with fewer calories. Importance of Healthy Low-Calorie Breakfast

You can make a menu that can burn body fat fast and can help you in breaking your weight loss plateau.

10- Be Consistent With Your Diet

Last but not least. Adopt these healthy habits as your lifestyle and don’t think that you need to adopt this only for a period of time.

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