Importance of DNA, RNA and Why Methylation Study is Important?

DNA Methylation

Importance of DNA

Just like any other field of life, the field of biology is also very advance now. Bioscientists are still doing a lot of research and writing papers in the field of microbiology.

The more biological information we get, the more we understand life at the micro-level. In the 19th century, Charles Darwin presented the theory of evolution. This theory helps in understanding the origin of life but there were so many things that bio-scientists don’t know about.

Because of the missing links and lack of information, a lot of people disagreed with the theory. But after the discovery of DNA, now bioscientists are able to understand the theory in more detail. They have more information now and they can explain the process of evolution with more solid evidence.

What is DNA?

DNA is a short form of DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. It is a long molecule in every living thing and it contains the genetic code that helps in studying more about the nature and properties of that living thing. The study of DNA also helps in understanding the origin of life and it also helps in the diagnosis of diseases and their treatment.

What is a DNA Methylation Study?

With gene regulation, epigenetic modification is associated, and therefore DNA methylation is more important than anything else when it comes to biological health and diseases. In this biochemical process, cytosine, which is a DNA base is methylated enzymatically at a 5-carbon position.

Now, as technology evolves and we have much more knowledge about DNA and Gnome, we need to improve the DNA methylation profiling techniques. It is important because now we need to know more about the human Epigenome.

We have more advanced techniques now that provide us with in-depth information about the human epigenetic profile. Thanks to next-generation sequencing and DNA microarrays systems helping with DNA methylation study.

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Why do We Study DNA Methylation?

We need to study DNA methylation because it helps us to make the X chromosome inactive and imprint the genome. It also helps to silence the retroviral elements. DNA methylation plays an important role differently in different genomic regions.

The study of the genetic sequence is also important because different gene activities are influenced in different genomic regions by DNA methylation.

What is RNA?

The full form of RNA is RiboNucleic Acid. It is a single standard long chain cell, unlike DNA which is a two standard molecule. RNA constructs proteins and it is an essential element for life.

RNA helps in studying the genetic information in various cells. You can say that DNA and RNA or cousin cells.

What is RNA Methylation Study?

N6-Methyladenosine (m6A) alludes to methylation of the adenosine base at the nitrogen-6 position. The presence of this alteration has been known for quite a while. It is exceptionally normal in prokaryotic genomes, however, has not been found in calculable sums in eukaryotic DNA.

Here you can check the EpiQuik m6A RNA methylation quantification kit (colorimetric). DNA, RNA, and m6a methylation processes are different from each other and are done on different bases.

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