Top 10 Best Turkish Dramas (Love Stories, Suspense, History, Crime)

Cesur Ve Güzel

Turkey is a historical country and a country that is situated in two different continents. It is part of Asia and Europe whereas the way of life of the Turkish people is European.

A lot of people visit Turkey from Australia, Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India), New Zealand, China, and other countries every year. The government of Turkey offers a Turkey visa for Australian citizens with express entry.

You can explore a lot of historical places to visit in Turkey. Not only history, but Turkey also has diversity in culture and its food. You can check the different cultures of Turkey in its dramas, movies, and web series.

Top 10 Turkish Dramas

After America, Turkey is the second-largest content-producing country and its dramas are popular in different languages across 140 countries. Here you can check our list of top 10 best Turkish drama series that are famous worldwide and are available with English and Hindi dubbing.

10. Cesur Ve Güzel

Cesur Ve Güzel

When Cesur, a lovely and mysterious man, suddenly appears in Korludag, a serene and quiet town, everyone is shocked. Sühan greets him as soon as he enters the Korludag. A strong attraction develops between them after their first meeting.

But there’s one thing they both don’t know about each other. Due to the hostility of their long-time rival families, their bliss will be turned into an unattainable love.

9. Muhtesem Yüzyil  (The Magnificent Century )

Muhtesem Yüzyil

When Sultan Süleyman took the throne at the age of 26, he aimed to construct an empire as powerful as Alexander the Great’s and make the Ottomans invincible. In his 46-year reign, he is widely regarded as the greatest warrior and king of his time.

Great triumphs are achieved by Süleyman and his friend Pargali Ibrahim in the Muslim World. Ibrahim was referred to by Süleyman as his brother, buddy, and counselor.

Consolidating his authority, Pargali Ibrahim serves as grand minister of state and meets with foreign diplomats while also preparing for military campaigns. All of this takes place against a backdrop of tension between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire, which is depicted in the television series.

Romantic entanglements and rivalries among the members of the imperial household are also examined in the series. Süleyman’s eldest son’s mother, Mahidevran Sultan’s enmity toward Hürrem Sultan, and the position of Hafsa Sultan as the valide sultan;

Hürrem’s ascension as Süleyman’s favorite while pregnant with his son; Pargali Ibrahim’s entanglement with Hatice Sultan, the Sultan’s sister, and many others.

8. Medcezir


In Tozludere, a suburb of Istanbul, Yaman’s big brother gets him in trouble. As long as he was alive, he had tried to alter his fate by focusing on his education. That night, he’ll be thrust into the world of criminality against his will.

Moreover, his formerly spotless file has been tarnished. At the point where he has lost all hope, he encounters lawyer Selim Serez, who offers him hope. Selim sees potential in Yaman despite the filth covering him.

For some reason, Yaman reminds him of him, and he doesn’t want his story to end behind iron bars like that of Yaman First, Yaman dismisses the wealthy lawyer’s offer as a joke, but he soon realises he can no longer live the way he had before returning to his home.

Selim hears the commotion from the poor house once more. Now that Yaman has not rejected Selim’s offer, he is moving closer to the door that leads to a new world, a world that he was offered by a man he met under less than ideal conditions.

The fact that there are no miracles in real life and that he has no other option but to step through that door does not deter Yaman. With the burden of his history weighing him down, he will have a more harder time adjusting to his new surroundings than he had in Tozludere.

7. Ezel


The series was a smash hit in Turkey in 2009. Both Uçar’s (Kenan mirzalolu) best friends and the woman he loved betrayed him. That is why Ezel returns as a kind of retribution. In terms of both actors and story, Ezel is one of the greatest Turkish television series ever made.

6. Halka


Two young men from various parts of the country join together to confront a plot. They search for a past that never fades away. They bring old journals, filthy cases, and huge and petty lies to light for everyone to see.

They live a life of crime, money, and intrigue with the Mafia. A fearsome enemy awaits them: Halka, who hasn’t shown up yet.

5. Ask-i Memnu

Ask-i Memnu

When his wife died eleven years ago, Adnan put all of his time and energy on raising his two children, Nihal and Bülent. During a visit to Istanbul, Adnan meets Bihter, the daughter of socialite parents, and falls in love with her.

He lives in one of Istanbul’s most prestigious houses along the Bosporus with a relative’s son and his two children’s nanny. Bihter meets passion at Adnan’s mansion while seeking solace, security, and contentment.

Behlül and Bihter’s love for one another is so intense that they end up drowning in it. Everyone in the family will feel the effects of their long-hidden romance.

4. Siyah Beyaz Ask

Siyah Beyaz Ask

His uncle employs Ferhat as a gunman, and he’s a cold-blooded, soulless, and nasty man.

Her name is Asli and she is a young female doctor who aspires to help others. These two people, despite their polar opposites, will have an unforgettable love story.

The love of black and white characters against the love of the opposite characters will lead to an exciting journey.

3. Kuzgun


The Bilgin and Cebeci families are the subject of Kuzgun, a mafia-style crime drama. The families of Rifat Bilgin and Yusuf Cebeci are intertwined, as are the families of the two police officers.

Due to the closeness of both families, Kuzgun Cebeci and Dila Bilgin, their offspring, were childhood sweethearts who also grew up together. Due to Sultan’s cancer, Rifat is unable to obtain the appropriate medication for Dila.

When Yusuf and Rifat conduct a sting operation, they discover a drug shipment belonging to a cartel. A bribe is offered. By selling him out and aiding in setting him up by planting drugs in his house which the police uncover and arrest him Rifat succumbs to temptation.

A drug bust tape that Yusuf had stashed away is stolen and used to force Meryem, Kuzgun’s mother, to make the unthinkable decision of giving up one of her children. Choosing Kuzgun will haunt her for at least the next two decades.

In the end, Yusuf is put to death in prison. Twenty years later, a vengeful Kuzgun returns, intent on infiltrating the mafia’s inner circle. An explosive collision between the past and present has terrible consequences for everyone involved.

2. Erkenci Kus

Erkenci Kus

It is Sanem’s father’s grocery store where she works as a part-time employee in hopes of one day being a famous writer. To avoid a marriage arranged by her parents, Sanem hurries to the advertising business her sister works in to obtain a job.

At that moment, she begins her journey with the two bosses, Jan, which eventually leads to her falling in love with Jan. But, would she be able to get out of the hole she found herself in without losing her soul?

1. Dirilis: Ertugrul

Dirilis Ertugrul

Ertugrul, a 13th-century Turkish warrior and the father of Osman, is the subject of a new television series (the founder of the Ottoman Empire). He’s a driven individual that aspires to do what’s best for his people.

This historical drama has characters from the Mongols whose origin was China. Here you can see a guide on how to get a Turkey visa for Chinese citizens.

With the Crusades on one side, the Byzantines on the other, and the Mongols on the third, he is engaged in a three-way battle. It’s during this time that his love and destiny are at odds.

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