What Are the Requirements for Getting Your Indian Visa


There are a few distinct types of requirements for an Indian visa. Passport number, issue date, and expiration date are among the information requested in the initial section of the form.

Additionally, the Indian visa online application form requires that you indicate the dates of your departure and arrival in India.

Requirements for Different Types of Indian Visas

The sort of visa you need to enter India is determined by your nationality. All instances require the same basic information, such as a passport number, a photo of the face, and a scan of the passport.

Visa specific paperwork are discussed in the section titled “India Visa Documents.”

You can either mail, or send documents related to the India Visa Requirement to any Indian Embassy or Government of India office. Check if there is a size restriction, you can email the attachments to help desk using the contact us form if you are unable to upload them due to file size.

To be clear, an online Indian Visa does not require any physical documentation. You have two options for submitting these documents: either upload them to https://www.www.indiavisa-online.org or email them directly to our support desk.

A document in any format or size can be sent to our Help Desk by email, including but not limited to MP4, AVI and PDF files as well as JPG and PNG images and SVG and TIFF graphics.

Your face photograph and passport scan photograph’s email size limit has been waived as well. Take note that a professional scanner is NOT necessary for these photographs taken from a mobile phone as long as they are legible and clear.

Important Fields to Fill on Indian Visa Application Form

In order to ensure that your application is successful, you must pay attention to the fields related to your passport. It is up to the Immigration Officers hired by India’s government to decide whether your application should be accepted or rejected if they do not match exactly. Alphabetical order is critical in many professions, which include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Surname or Family Name
  • Gender
  • Data of birth
  • Birthplace
  • Passport Number
  • Passport is issued at this location
  • Issue date on Passport
  • Expiration date on Passport

There is a complete guide to fill the Indian visa application online for the passport and face photos. When submitting an application, make sure the scan copy of your passport and the information you gave match perfectly.

Due to India’s policy of never requesting a physical passport, there is no necessity for 2 blank pages for eVisa India (Indian Visa Online). The onus is on you to make certain that your passport has two vacant pages before applying for an eVisa India (electronic Indian Visa Online).

There is an airport requirement that you have two blank pages in your passport for entry/exit stamps, so be sure you have enough room in your passport.

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