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Are you looking for an explanation of the various tiers and colors of cards? There is no need to continue looking.

It is possible that a player will not fully understand the significance of the game’s many different types of cards or the value that they hold when they are first starting out in NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

This is because there are so many different types of cards. It is a laborious process to work through the different game modes in NBA 2K22 to acquire the best players, and this mode will be exactly the same.

It is essential to strengthening one’s knowledge on the various cards that may be utilized in the game in some capacity in the course of the procedure.

This can be done by reading up on the cards. Certain levels of these become unusable as the season progresses for the following reason: as the season progresses, the supply and demand for cards on the higher tiers increases, resulting in a reduction in the price of those cards to fit the market value.

As we enter the third month of NBA 2K22, we will provide a detailed explanation on these card colors in the following article. Stay tuned for more information!


In earlier versions of NBA 2K, there were still lower tiers of MyTeam cards, including Bronze and Silver cards. These cards were not as powerful as the higher-tier cards. However, during the first few days and weeks of the game, none of these cards could be used.

As a result, the people who developed the game decided to put all cards with an overall score of less than 80 in the Gold tier.

  • A very small fraction of these players actually possess badges, which means that they are unable to take part in a mode such as Limited
  • This game will provide players with magnificent rewards that can be utilized during Limited weekend events, such as Gold
  • Joakim Noah or Gold Corey Kispert would be a better choice
  • Noah has outstanding Gold defensive badges, despite the fact that the ratings of these players as a group do not appear to be particularly impressive, and the ratings of these players as a group do not appear to be particularly impressive
  • Every new player starts off at the Emerald level, and they can progress all the way up to the Ruby level over the course of the game
  • As if that weren’t bad enough, some of the early Dominance rewards are Emerald, which must be evolved into Sapphire in order to earn rewards later on
  • In the same vein as the Gold tier, it is recommended to save some of these Emeralds for future challenges or limited weekends where the requirements are ideal for Emerald cards
  • This is because the requirements are ideal for the Gold tier
  • To put it another way, the gold level

Despite having a rating of only 85, they were outstanding on both defense and offense to the same degree. Using Sapphire cards when you are just starting out in NBA2K MT can help you get into a rhythm and gain the level of mastery you need to play with other types of cards later on.

Duncan Robinson, Chris Duarte, and Robert Horry are three examples of players on the Sapphire team who have been instrumental in turning the tide of certain matches.

Robert Horry is another player on the Sapphire team who has been instrumental in turning the tide of certain matches. Robinson was one of the first Glitched Flash players to be made available to the public, but the game can still make use of him because of the offensive toolkit he possesses.

Ruby Ruby is the beginning of the tier where some of the best Rubies are capable of competing with other Amethysts, Diamonds, and even Pink Diamonds. Pink Diamonds are also capable of competing with Ruby Ruby.

There are a few unheralded Rubies who, if budget players like Darius Miles, Derrick Rose, or Seung Jin-Ha were to acquire them for their teams, would be phenomenal additions to those teams’ rosters.

It is possible for players to be misled into believing that they need to make an effort to purchase Diamond and Pink Diamond players as a result of the overall rating, which is combined with the marketing of NBA 2K on higher tier cards.

It is highly recommended that players who are just beginning the game go after some of the Rubies mentioned above because doing so can almost immediately benefit the team. Those who are just starting out in the game should take this advice.


Even though it is only the middle of November, the Amethyst tier players have already begun to show their talent even against some of the gamers in MyTeam. This is the case even though it is only halfway through the month.

There are regular updates that include the addition of new players who are capable of wreaking havoc, such as Spencer Dinwiddie and Dejounte Murray, who are both currently regarded as two of the best Amethyst guards in the game. These players are just two examples of the new players who have been added to the game in recent updates.

These two players are only two examples of many others. Having said that, however, not all of the Amethyst cards are still worth purchasing for the players who are taking part in the No Money Spent event because it is possible that these will become out of date in a few weeks. This is the case because of the fact that there is a possibility that these will become obsolete.


When players reach the Diamond level, it becomes increasingly difficult to recommend that they buy multiple cards if they are playing as a No Money Spent player. This is because the more cards a player has, the more likely they are to win the game.

It is typically not possible to purchase these cards due to the high cost involved, despite the fact that many of them, such as Klay Thompson and Dominique Wilkins, are incredible in their own right.

It is absolutely necessary for new players to put in the required amount of effort to advance through the game in order to improve their chances of obtaining rewards at the Diamond level.

Pink Diamond

After two months of NBA 2K22 being available, the highest card that can be obtained in MyTeam is of the Pink Diamond tier. This has been the case since the beginning of the game.

There are some of these cards that can sell for well over 100,000 NBA 2K22 MT Buy, which is obviously an exorbitant amount of money for players who are trying to play within their financial means.

Additionally, their cards include enticing animations and badges in an effort to convince other users to make a purchase of Virtual Coins (VC). This is done in the hope that it will encourage more users to make a purchase.

People should make every effort to avoid falling into this trap at all costs and instead focus their efforts on acquiring some Pink Diamonds like Kevin Garnett or Ja Morant. This is the only way to ensure success.

Those gamers who continue to demonstrate an interest in the MyTeam mode of NBA 2K22 will be rewarded with a plethora of new promotions and updates as the month’s pass. These gifts are courtesy of NBA 2K22, which will be provided.

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