Best Ways to Stream the Witcher Series on Firestick Devices?

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Firestick devices are one of the best if you need to stream shows and movies. You can install verified and unverified apps on it and stream your favorite content. 

You can use these devices with both traditional and smart TVs. These devices are perfect for streaming a TV series like The Witcher because watching so much action on a big screen enhances the overall experience.

I’ll tell you about the best ways to stream this series on Firestick devices and give you a summary of this series.

How to Stream the Witcher on Firestick?

You can stream this show by using the official app Netflix. You can install Netflix on Firestick devices and stream your favorite content. Using the Kodi app to stream content for free is another decent option.

The Kodi app allows you to stream free content using verified or unverified add-ons. These add-ons fetch links for you to stream free content. 

However, Kodi is an unofficial app, so you will not find it on the Amazon store. But that does not mean you can not install it on the Firestick. You can unlock free content by jailbreaking your streaming device. Jailbreaking also allows you to install third-party apps. However, you might want to follow a dedicated guide to make this process a little easier.

Are There Any Witcher Novels?

Yes, Witcher novels exist a lot earlier than the series. I’ll give you a short review to help you decide if you should buy it. There are two books with a collection of short stories in The Witcher novels series. The first is The Last Wish, and the second is Sword of Destiny. It is the first book that Sapkowski penned.

Both of these books came out in the same year, but Sword of Destiny has events that happened after The Last Wish in the saga timeline. Things got more confusing after Orbit and Gollancz rightfully translated and published The Last Wish but forgot to do the same for the Sword of Destiny.

They published the first novel, The Blood of Elves, after The Last Wish and skipped Sword of destiny. Sounds confusing, right? It was more confusing to people who read them in the same order.


The story starts with the main character himself, Geralt the Witcher. He is once again on a monster-hunting mission. However, the first part of the story unfolds with Geralt going with townsfolk, who decided to kill a dragon.

Geralt can not take part in this mission because of the Witcher code, which does not allow witchers to kill intelligent creatures. Also, he is a man of morals, so he might not be interested in killing an innocent dragon that does not harm people without any reason.

After this event in the story, Geralt faces sea monsters, mimics, druids, and mermaids and chases his love, Yennefer.

Review of Sword of Destiny

Overall, I enjoyed the story of Sword of Destiny. You might feel the writing is repetitive sometimes, but you will find yourself engaged to see what the next scene will bring.

You will not find any lyrical descriptive prose because it is a translation, not the original book. Losing general flow, meaning, and nuances are commonly present in translated books and novels. However, the overall translation was still simplistic and soothing.

This book is not as dark and intense as the first one, and you might feel that some stories lose momentum now and then, or they are too long. But overall, there are twists and plots at the end of the stories. 

The Sword of Destiny story introduced a fan-favorite character, Ciri. She had an innocent yet fiery temperament which I loved. Ciri’s character in the TV series is also the same, and Freya Allan portrayed it beautifully.

Sword of Destiny is not as dark as The Last Wish, especially in the stories with Dandelion. You can try to avoid reading both Novels without giving any gaps because it will take time to adjust to the new format.

Characters (Both TV Series and Books)

Dandelion is one of the most amusing characters in the book because of his cheeky chappie actions and songs. He keeps bragging about how great a poet he is, which does not get annoying no matter how many times he does that.

Dandelion’s character is funnier when he is with Geralt because Geralt is more stoic and dry, and Dandelion’s brazenness is like icing on the cake. They provide you with ridiculous(in a good way) and funny banter that can not bore me ever. Also, you can not avoid noticing the loyalty of Dandelion towards Geralt, which gives their friendship a warmer touch.

The relationship between Geralt and Yennefer is also one of the primary highlights of the book. Societies did not accept both characters because one is a sorceress, and the other is a witcher. They clicked nicely with each other because they were alike in their loneliness, at least.

After the mutation process, Geralt is supposed to be void of any mutations, but this is not the case in the books or TV series, as far as Yennefer is concerned. He shows feelings of love, kindness, and compassion towards characters like Yennefer, Ciri, and Dandelion.

Books give you a clearer idea about how volatile Yeneffer is. She is impulsive, sexually liberated, and manipulative. She is an unpredictable and powerful sorceress character, and you will get a lot of fun and intriguing scenes from her. 

Yennefer’s goals and ambitions always revolve around her feelings toward Gerald. It makes their every encounter laced with tension. Sometimes, you will feel for Geralt and want him to have a happy life full of love with Yennefer. 

Read these two books before you jump to novels because you will not get insightful backgrounds for these characters. After reading these books, go for the first full-length novel, Blood of Elves. I got used to the short story format, and it took time to adjust to a full-length novel format. I hope you enjoy all the short books and full-length novels.

Is it Worth Watching The Witcher TV series?

Yes, it is worth every penny, in my opinion. Henry Cavill was perfect for the role of Superman, and he does not disappoint as a witcher either. The short stories, side characters, and action scenes make this show worth watching.


The best way to stream The Witcher on a Firestick device is by using the Netflix app. You can use torrents or other unverified apps, links, or add-ons to stream, but using a VPN before streaming might be the best option.

A VPN hides your IP address, so you stream anonymously without getting tracked by the government or your Internet Service Provider.

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