FireStick vs. Apple TV: Which One is better?

Firestick vs Apple TV

Most of the well-known brands in technology can be found among the companies that operate in the online streaming device industry. For example, Apple, Google, and Amazon are all significant participants, and each of their products is popular among users.

We will concentrate on two of the most significant ones in today’s post, Apple and Amazon.

What is the Apple TV?

The digital media player Apple TV was created by one of the world’s biggest corporations. It enables users to access multimedia, including on-demand television shows and movies. They sold approximately 4.5 million of their products in the third quarter of 2020, which speaks volumes about their product reliability.

What is the FireStick?

Amazon, the other tech behemoth, offers a series of Fire TV gadgets, including the incredibly popular Fire Stick. Given that in 2022, over 150 million Fire TV gadgets were sold, it’s clear that customers are satisfied. It can be difficult for you to choose between the two as the Fire Stick can execute most of the tasks that the Apple device can.

What is the need for a FireStick or an Apple TV?

With a compliant Television and both devices’ user-friendly interfaces, you can stream content in high definition (up to 4K) and access hundreds of applications with games, documentaries, and other recreational options.

Furthermore, both devices are simple to set up and have user-friendly layouts, allowing you to start streaming Netflix and other streaming sites right off the bat. Nevertheless, despite their many similarities, the Apple TV and FireStick diverge in a few key ways.

FireStick vs. Apple TV

Choosing one for your house can be challenging. Therefore we evaluated the two widely used products to assist you in making the right choice. Here is the comparison of FireStick vs. Apple TV:

1. Video and Audio Differences

The Apple TV and Amazon FireStick offer similar technical characteristics, but there are limitations on audio and video codecs. The most notable absence from Apple TV is HDR10+, an improved version of HDR that enhances contrast in compatible content.

Meanwhile, Apple’s Spatial Audio, which aims to provide a more immersive, theater-like audio experience, is lacking in FireStick.

2. Accessibility and Affordability

Pricing is by far the significant distinction between the two devices. Considering the monthly charge of streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, it’s difficult to argue that the FireStick is substantially cheaper than the lowest Apple TV 4K edition.

The Fire TV Cube, similar in expense to Apple TV, adds another level of complexity to the situation. Complete Alexa voice assistant incorporation is available for an additional charge. In contrast, if you already have Amazon Echo, you can instantly link it to a 4K FireStick to get comparable results.

3. Storage

Regarding storage, Apple TV has the advantage because it offers either 32GB or 64GB as opposed to 8GB for the normal FireStick and 16GB for the Fire TV Cube. Though it’s questionable whether this additional storage capacity is worthwhile given that Apple TV caches information, the only actual advantage is a small performance gain.

4. Seamless Installation

Both devices are “plug-and-play,” meaning you only need internet service and an HDMI-compatible Monitor. You don’t even have to input a code to start using them.

The FireStick’s compact physical shape may be advantageous if your home entertainment room is packed. It can be concealed behind your TV.

Of course, the picture differs if you choose the Fire TV Cube, which is slightly larger than the Apple TV. The Apple TV is compact enough to fit into any system easily and comes with an ethernet jack if you want wired access for more reliable connections. As Apple TV products don’t include an HDMI cable, make sure to have a backup available.

5. Vast Collection of Channels and Apps

There is a bunch of stuff available on both Apple TV and FireStick. Numerous well-known services, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video, are available on both platforms.

There are over 15,000 apps available on Apple’s tvOS, despite the company’s reputation for imposing stiffer criteria on developers for them to publish content on the App Store. This is considerably greater than what FireStick has to offer, which is around 12,700 applications. FireStick also offers users free movie streaming websites.

As HBO Max and Peacock were not initially accessible on Fire TV Stick, Apple TV had an advantage in terms of app availability. Fortunately, both platforms have since been included, putting Apple TV and FireStick on an equal footing regarding the availability of renowned content.

Final Verdict

The choice between Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick essentially comes down to price and how much you like each operating system, as both devices offer many of the same functionality. The Fire TV Stick is the ultimate winner in terms of price and functionality range, although neither device is inherently inferior.

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