Mussoorie Attractions: Planning a Trip to a Mountain Retreat

Mussoorie Things to Do

Mussoorie is just one of several picturesque hill stations in India that provide for an entertaining weekend vacation. Located in the Dehradun region of the state of Uttarakhand, this area is known as the Queen of Hills due to its rich Himalayan resources.

Mussoorie is a crucial part of whatever picture you have of a vacation or adventure in North India. Look at our recommended activities in Mussoorie.

Trekking is Popular Activity

Photograph by Bhuwan Mahajan, courtesy of Wikimedia. Among the many exciting activities available in Mussoorie, trekking is by far the most popular. Mussoorie is a great starting point for a number of different treks, including the Dodikal Trek, the Bhadraj Temple Trek, the Har ki Dun Trek, the Nag Tibba Summit Trek, and others.

Most hikes in Mussoorie are short, easy strolls that don’t necessitate packing a lot of gear. Considering the possibility of the trip being postponed due to weather or other unforeseen factors, it’s always smart to plan ahead.

Mussoorie is a great place to go hiking and camping if you want to feel the thrill of adventure. By engaging in such unadulterated activities in the great outdoors, you can obtain some much-needed time for yourself.

Trekking and camping services include Trail Hikers, Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd., and Gio Adventures.

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Astounding Hiking Scenery

Beautiful scenery may be found all across Mussoorie. Trips that include hikes across cloud-covered mountains and lush valleys are etched in the memory forever.

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Taking a leisurely stroll from the famous Library Head to the beautiful Happy Valley, and then from the beautiful Valley View to the amazing spot of  Clouds End, or from Waverly Convent to the family Company Bagh are all excellent ways to spend a day in Mussoorie.

If you were to take a stroll through these streets and lanes, you would realize why hiking is the best way to experience mountains. There are many beautiful hikes in and around Mussoorie, including the Nag Tibba Hike, the Kempty Waterfall Hike, the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve Hike, the Happy Valley Hike, and many others.

Trip Mount Himalaya, Scrambling Adventures & Outdoors, Trail Hikers, and Yeti Outdoors The pricing varies based on a wide variety of hiking-related criteria. The minimum, however, is somewhere between 1500 and 2000 INR.

Adventure Activities for Extreme Sports Fans

The Skywalk, a popular attraction in Mussoorie, is now open to the public for the first time. Do you want to walk on a single wire rope that is 360 feet long, while standing on a platform that is 120 feet high?

The harness will secure you to the wire, making sure you don’t fall. At the top of a 330-foot-long zipline, you’ll be secured to a wire rope using a pulley system, before being forced to slide down to the bottom at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. Zip Swings, located at a height of 80 feet, are a hybrid of a large swing and a zipline.

To get to the middle, you zip along the wire rope while tethered, and from there, you’ll swing from a great height of 80 feet. Each of these three options is a top attraction in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, for families with young children as well as honeymooners.

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The Zipline and Zip Swing each cost INR 300, while the Skywalk is INR 600.

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