10 Challenges You Might Face While Starting Business in New Zealand

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However, there are still many obstacles that must be conquered when launching a business in New Zealand, so it’s helpful to have local support on hand.

Beginning a New Enterprise

According to the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, New Zealand has the best conditions for launching a new company. Registration with the Companies Office (for an IRD number and GST registration) is a simple online process that may be finished in a day.

Problems with Building Permits

The entire permission application process entails six steps and might take up to 89 days. The District Council’s resource consent (planning), building consent, and inspection are required of businesses, as is Watercare’s approval of CCTV and the connection of utilities such phone service, water supply, and sewage disposal.

Property Registration

Getting a land information memorandum and registering a title with Land Information New Zealand takes just two days and two simple actions (LINZ).

Information for Obtaining a Visa

If you are planning on opening a business in New Zealand as a foreign investor or if you are already a permanent resident of another country and wish to start doing business in New Zealand, you should be aware of the visa requirements.

If you want to start a business in New Zealand, you may need to travel there even if you already live abroad. So, I’ve provided you with two resources:

How to Connect to the Electric Grid

Obtaining power for your business is the most time-consuming and complicated part of opening up a shop in New Zealand, taking on average 50 days and five separate procedures to accomplish. It may take some time, especially at the beginning of the process, to resolve issues with the utility company.

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Obtaining Financing While Keeping Investors Safe

Investors in New Zealand are well-protected, and obtaining credit is straightforward, thanks to the country’s thriving financial services industry and strict regulatory framework. With regards to obtaining credit and protecting investors, the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation place New Zealand at the fourth and first spots, respectively.

The Taxes

In New Zealand, headline payments are the norm, simplifying the fiscal landscape significantly. However, the ACC levy and the VAT reports can take well over 100 days to complete together, and they are only two examples of taxes that can be fairly time demanding.

Foreign Trade

As an island country, trading across borders must be quick and reliable. When exporting, you’ll need to prepare five documents, and when importing, you’ll need to prepare six.

Contract Enforcement

Contract enforcement includes 30 separate procedures, taking a total of 216 days to complete. Although court costs are far lower, at only around 2% of the total claim, the cost of hiring an attorney is roughly 22% of the total.

The Process of Resolving Insolvency

Typically, insolvency proceedings take 1.3 years to conclude, with a recovery percentage of only about 83% of initial investments.


Businesses operating in New Zealand should be aware of the cultural distinctions between Maori and New Zealand European (Pakeha) communities. Besides that, businesses can anticipate a very laid-back and friendly reception in the country.

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