Govinda Naam Mera

Govinda Naam Mera, New Upcoming Movie Release Date, Cast, Story & Trailer

Flips and turns are on the house! Will Govinda be successful in resolving all of the issues he is currently facing? There will be slaying, there will be some mystery, there will be a lot of thrill, and there will be masala!

At the launch of the trailer for Govinda Naam Mera, Vicky Kaushal discussed the films of International Khiladi and Akshay Kumar, both of which he cites as influences on his decision to pursue a career in acting.
Govinda Naam Mera is a salute to the kind of popular films that were developed in the 1990s by Akshay Kumar, Govinda, and other performers, according to Vicky Kaushal, who defined the film as such.

During the launch of the teaser, when talking about how he caught the film bug and what inspired him to become an actor, Vicky Kaushal pointed to an earlier comment he made about how seeing films like International Khiladi encouraged him to pursue a career in the acting industry. When asked about his fascination with this Akshay Kumar film, the actor from Masaan responded by saying that he didn’t start watching English films till much later in his life. As a result, I grew up watching movies starring Akshay Kumar, Govinda, and Shah Rukh Khan. At a much later stage in my life, I first started going to the theatre. DDLJ was the first movie I ever made (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). At that point in time, movies such as International Khiladi, which is to say the Khiladi series, would frequently be shown on television. As a result, we were all big fans of those kinds of movies because we had grown up watching them.

“It was probably these kinds of movies that planted the seed in my head to pursue a career in acting. And Govinda Naam Mera is a piece of the same puzzle that makes up the whole. This is an homage to the kind of pulpy movies that had everything from murder to comedy to romance to treachery to tension all packed into one movie. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Shashank Khaitan for the creation of this concept, which he has managed to keep current while serving as a tribute to the raunchy Bollywood masala blockbusters.

The journey of a middle-class choreographer who will go to any lengths to save whatever is left of his inheritance, including the house he is staying in, is chronicled in the film Govinda Naam Mera, which stars Bhumi Pednekar as the overbearing wife and Kiara Advani as the supportive girlfriend. The film also stars Bhumi Pednekar as the character who dominates the household. The movie is scheduled to be made available on Disney+Hotstar on December 16th.

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