Avatar: The Way of Water Banned In 400 Kerala Theatres Because Distributors Want Too Much!

Avatar: The Way of Water Is Banned In 400 Theaters In Kerala Due To Distributors Demanding An Excessive Amount Of Money

There are great hopes for the box office performance of Avatar 2, given that it is a sequel to the first Avatar film and hence carries the “sequel factor.”

Avatar: The Way of Water, directed by James Cameron, is unquestionably the most anticipated movie to be released anywhere in the world. Despite this, there is a sense of pessimism about the film in India, even before it has been released in theatres. Earlier, we discovered that the producers are setting unreasonable terms for the sale of the theatrical rights. The most recent information that has come to our attention is that the state of Kerala is planning to outlaw the film. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

Only a few days ago, we learned that the theatrical release in Tamil and Telugu regions could cost somewhere between 100 and 150 crores. Due to the fact that the first instalment of Avatar was a great success all over the world and the fact that the film is carrying a sequel element, there are strong hopes that Avatar 2 will be a financial disaster at the box office.

According to the most recent information that has surfaced, the state of Kerala has decided to prohibit the movie Avatar: The Way of Water. The decision was made by FEUOK (Film Exhibitors United Organization of Kerala) due to the fact that distributors were asking a share of 60% of the total net profits of the cinema industry in the first week after the film’s release. This is far too much considering that exhibitors often give fifty percent of the share. On the other hand, for Avatar 2, they only offered 55% of the share, whereas the distributors insisted on getting 60%.