Bhediya Full Movie

Bhediya Full Movie

The story follows Bhaskar, a man who is bitten by a wolf and begins to transform into an animal after receiving the bite. As Bhaskar and his friends search for answers, the plot takes a number of unexpected turns, which leads to a good laugh. Watch “Bhediya full movie” on this platform Netflix plans.

Before watching the movie Bhediya we are sharing some parts of the story such as the movie in the text form. So the story begins from Bhaskar that role is played by Varun Dhawan. In the movie, Bhaskar gets a job from an infrastructure company to build a road in Guwahati and he decides to bring his cousin Janardan with him, and his local friend Joe also comes along.

Bhaskar meets a local man named Mr. Panda. Mr. Panda thinks that Bhaskar’s idea is impossible because building a road through the jungle will hurt both nature and the lives of tribal people. However, some corrupt government officials are with him. One night, Bhaskar, Janardan, and Joe were traveling when their car broke down in the jungle. Before Bhaskar was saved, a wolf found him and bit him on the butt of Bhaskar.

Joe decided to take Bhaskar to a vet named Anika instead of a hospital because going to a hospital would cause trouble in the area. After what happened, Bhaskar’s behavior changes, and he also feels changes in his body. Janardan thinks he has become a werewolf, but Joe and Anika don’t care. The next day, a local youth leader who supported Bhaskar and used fake papers to get people’s land was attacked.

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After the attack, the native people thought it was an animal attack and that Vishanu (the werewolf) was back. Jana and Joe hear that Bhaskar’s blood has animal parts in it, so they decide to check on him. To their horror, they find that Bhaskar does turn into a Were Wolf at night.

Prakash works with Bhaskar, and he was the one who possessed the written agreements. The agreements are no longer valid. At this moment, Janardan and Jomin had a sneaking suspicion that Bhaskar may be the one responsible for the murder. They come to the conclusion that he has transformed into a vishanoo, which terrifies the living daylights out of them because it causes them to worry about their own safety.

“Bhediya Full Movie”,