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Jung E Netflix

A scientist working in an artificial intelligence lab in a near-future post-apocalyptic world takes the initiative to put an end to a bloody civil war by cloning the brave soldier’s brain into her own mother’s body.

In this future scenario, the year 22nd century, climate change has rendered the world inhospitable, and mankind have been forced to take refuge in man-made structures. Within the safety of the shelter, a battle is raging. “Jung-E”, played by Kim Hyun-Joo, is the top-tier commander of the combined military forces. An investigation on the possibility of cloning the human brain is conducted on her. The experiment with cloning could end up being the decisive factor in the outcome of the battle.

Both Seo-Hyun (played by Kang Soo-Yeon) and Sang-Hun (played by Ryoo Kyung-Soo) are to be credited with the accomplishment of the brain cloning experiment. In the research facility responsible for the development of brain cloning and AI technologies, Seo-Hyun serves as the team leader. Sang-Hun is currently serving in the role of director of the laboratory.

The cast of Jung E Netflix movie names Kim Hyun-Joo movie name Jung-E, Ryoo Kyung-Soo movie name Sang-Hun, Park So-Yi movie name  Seo-Hyun and Kang Soo-Yeon movie name Seo-Hyun,

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