Bangalore’s 8 Food Trucks Will Transform India’s Street Food Scene

Bengaluru Food Truck

Texas is credited as being the birthplace of the food truck concept, which has subsequently spread across the country. The public enthusiastically embraced the idea right away, and it was widely publicized across the country.

The uniqueness of India’s street food culture is irresistible; how could we, as Indians, resist trying it out? The cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad are among the first in India to see the arrival of food trucks.

Top Food Trucks of Bengaluru

Take a look at these Bengaluru food trucks, which have been luring in the hungry in order to sample the city’s amazing new street food craze.

Indian Bhukkad Food Truck

Do you ever get hankering for Chinese takeout when you’re on the road? If you’re hungry, the mobile restaurant The Great Indian Bhukkad is the place to go. Order some tasty dishes that combine North Indian and Chinese cuisines to give yourself more reasons to return.

Those who prefer Rajma to Manchurian cuisine will find common ground at this mobile restaurant.

Ruth Square

This mobile eatery is sure to win your heart over with its wide variety of delicious, freshly prepared hot appetizers. The counter of this four-wheeler sells everything from savory food to sweets that will make your tongue melt.

You’re going to like the pancakes and sunny-side-up eggs they create, which might as well up the ante on the brunch scene.


Those in quest of a quick Indian snack will not be disappointed with this. Delicious chaats and mesmerizing parathas are both available. As proof of their desi-ness, they’ve given the various food groups punny names that correspond to the titles of Bollywood movies.

There is a focus on both taste and tidiness in the preparation of all of the food. Check out this guide on how to get an Indian visa for Latvian citizens.

The SWAT Foor Truck

This food truck is well-known in the industry and is the pioneer of India’s outstanding culinary culture. SWAT is an abbreviation for “Serving With A Twist,” which describes the approach taken by the chefs in this establishment.

How authentically The American Curbside Gourmet attends to its clientele will surprise you. If that’s not enough to persuade you, you should be informed that The SWAT food truck was recognized as having the second-best burgers in Bangalore at Burger Riot 2015.


The four men who run this food truck are skilled chefs who use their imaginations to make delicious dishes. Deftly reimagining the dining experience on a regular basis, De3 achieves its mission of changing standard mealtime behavior.

Their number one priority is providing a fantastic experience for their customers, and the truck was designed with that in mind. In Bangalore, De3 is regarded as one of the best food trucks due to the quality of their food alone.

Le Casse Croûte

The French cuisine truck in Bangalore is a hit with locals and visitors alike. You can try some of the delicious croques that they make by hand. There’s no doubt you should taste these French-toasted sandwiches.

Meals from this truck will introduce you to the unique and exquisite flavors of France. Here are some details about getting an Indian visa for Japanese citizens.

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