The Best Places to Go Paragliding in Turkey for Adventure


In Turkey, you may find a number of great spots to go paragliding. Even though the paragliding spots aren’t very far up, they nevertheless have some spectacular scenery.

Paragliding fans from every corner of the world go to these spots to indulge in their favourite extreme activity. We have these places on our list for you.


Fethiye is often cited as a top paragliding location. Paragliding has become more popular in this area. There, thrill-seekers are tempted to jump from great heights by the stunning scenery. You need just go skydiving with an experienced guide to enjoy the view.

An amazing view and thrilling adventure await you here. Jumpers in Fethiye have the potential to soar to an altitude of 1,919 metres. There are a total of three launch sites for paragliders in Babada. This is the city that hosts the International Air Games every two years.

Okayelez Mountain

Paragliding enthusiasts will love Denizli’s ökelez Mountain. The newer paragliding spot is 30 kilometres outside of town. The elevation of the leaping spot is around 1,650 ft. It’s a great place to go jumping and get a bird’s-eye view of Pamukkale.

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Kaş is a popular Antalya tourist destination since it offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, not only paragliding. These include scuba diving, canoeing, delta winging, and rock climbing.

Not only that, but it is home to the largest all-natural sports track in the United States. Participants in the Asas Hill jump must weigh between 35 and 110 kilogrammes. Kaş Harbor is where paragliders land.

Mount Nemrut

Nemrut Mountain is a great place to go paragliding because of its high elevation (2,200 metres). Seeing the ancient landscapes from above at the spot where professionals and beginners jump is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There are also opportunities to learn the sport of paragliding. Views of both Anlurfa and Adyaman may be had from here. You should also check out this guide on how to apply for a Turkey visa for Chinese citizens if you are going to Turkey from China.

Kayseri’s Alidag

The paragliding location in Kayseri’s Talas neighbourhood is one of the best in Turkey for amateurs and pros alike. The jumping off-site is conveniently located close to the heart of the city, at an altitude of 1,750 metres.

Because of its history as the site of the 2004 World Paragliding Championship, this area is ideal for first-timers to the sport.

Munzur Mountain Range

The Munzur Mountains, close to Erzincan, are a breathtaking paragliding destination. Potential fans include paragliding athletes of all skill levels. A trip to Erzincan will take you back home in 7 kilometres.

Flights at 3250 metres above ground level give amazing views for experts. Amateur athletes could be able to see the world’s natural wonders from a vantage point 1300 metres in the air. Moreover, the region is completely level, making descent easy.

Denizli’s Dynamite Hill

One of the most beautiful places to make a tremendous leap and enjoy amazing panoramas, despite its popularity with novices. Land on the helipad or the slope beyond the travertine entrance.

From the peak of Dynamite Hill, visitors may take in panoramic views of Hierapolis, Laodicea Ancient City, the Denizli City Center, the Denizli Plain, and the Pamukkale Travertines. Once you’ve made the jump, you’ll get a birds-eye perspective of these areas.

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