New Release Movies: My Happy Ending

“My Happy Ending”

Follows a well-known celebrity who finds herself in a hospital ward in Britain with three other women who assist her.

My Happy Ending coming soon Releases on February 24, 2023.

Synopsis: My Happy Ending

Andie MacDowell takes on the role of a famous actor who disguises herself in order to obtain medical attention for a personal issue. When she is at the hospital, she crosses paths with three fascinating and extraordinary ladies: an elderly rocker, a young mother, and a retired educator who has never been married. Together, they provide her with the support, humor, and camaraderie she needs to better manage the challenges she faces, while also preparing her to take on the most challenging character she has ever had to play: herself.

Movie Name Genre Director Cast
My Happy Ending Drama, Comedy Tal Granit, Sharon Maymon Andie MacDowell, Tom Cullen, & Miriam Margolyes

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