Anno 1800 Console Edition

Anno 1800 Console Edition Game Trailer & Detail on Netflix Plans

The “Anno 1800 Console” Edition is a complete bundle that will completely submerge you in the universe of Anno 1800, which is set around the time of the Industrial Revolution. In this real-time strategy game focused on city-building, you have arrived at the beginning of the Industrial Age.
Anno 1800 console edition
Explore the 19th century, a time when industrialization, diplomacy, and discovery were at their height. This is the setting for the game Anno 1800. This time period offers the ideal setting for you to establish your city because it is rife with technical advancements, political intrigue, and shifting allegiances. Establish sprawling metropolises, devise ingenious distribution systems, colonize uncharted lands, mount expeditions to every corner of the globe, and establish dominance over your rivals through negotiation, commerce, or military might.
Anno 1800 console edition
The planned video game Anno 1800 will have the genres of Strategy and Real-Time.
Features Online Player vs. Player Multiplayer and Online Player vs. Player with a Team Multiplayer Are Both Included.
 Publisher:  Ubisoft
Franchises name:   Anno
Developers:  Blue Byte
Original Publication Date:  Mar 16, 2023

Anno 1800 Console Trailer

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