Aazam 2023 Movie Storyline, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, & FAQs

Aazam is a crime thriller that centers on the criminal organization that runs the city’s syndicate. The mafia don Nawab Khan’s succession struggle, which is the subject of Aazam, is centered on deceit, treachery, and conspiracy.


Nawab Khan is battling blood cancer and only has 10–15 days left to live. The struggle for his position as a successor is currently underway. Huh. The five other members of the syndicate that governs the city are under Nawab Khan’s power. Kadar, Nawab’s son, is the rightful heir to the firm, but on the recommendation of his coworker Javed, Kader has devised a strategy to get rid of all of his father’s business partners. The other members of the syndicate have their own plans for the gang war, therefore Kadar’s scheme is doomed to fail. DCP Joshi, who is attempting to put an end to the mayhem caused by this gang war, is also drawn into the plot that Javed has concocted.


Star Cast in Aazam movie 2023 Jimmy Shergill, Anang Desai, Raza Murad, Sanjeev Tyagi, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta, Govind Namdeo, Ali Khan, and Sayaji Shinde.

Azam Movie Release Date

Releases on March 31, 2023


Where to Watch Azam Full Movie?

Currently Azam Full Movie is not available on any platform to watch free online.

Is Available Azam Movie on Netflix?

“Azam movie on Netflix” is not available right now, However, in the future, you will be able to watch movies on this platform, so be sure to check out our “full movies” category, where we regularly post the most recent, entire films.

Azam Movie Trailer

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