Kala Shah kala – Punjabi Full Movie

Kala Shah Kala Punjabi Full Movie

“Kala Shah Kala” – A Punjabi Movie with a Twist

“Kala Shah Kala” is a Punjabi romantic comedy film directed by Amarjit Singh and released in India on February 14, 2019. The film is known for its unique storyline, a stellar cast, and its blend of humor and supernatural elements. Distributed by Zee Studios, the film grossed an estimated ₹19 crore at the box office. It was produced by Infantry Pictures and Naughty Men Productions.

Story: The story revolves around the life of Lovely, a man with a dark complexion, played by the talented actor Binnu Dhillon. Lovely is known for his good nature and sense of humor, which makes him a beloved figure in his village. Despite his complexion, he remains confident and cheerful.

Kala Shah Kala Punjabi Full Movie

Lovely’s life takes a turn when he gets married to Pammi, portrayed by the beautiful Sargun Mehta. Pammi is a fair and attractive woman, and their union is initially a happy one. However, their happiness is short-lived as Pammi starts displaying strange and erratic behavior. It becomes evident that something is amiss.

The twist in the story occurs when Lovely, out of concern for his wife, seeks the help of various spiritual healers and shamans. They all seem to believe that Pammi might be possessed by a spirit, which leads to a series of hilarious and mystifying situations. The film masterfully blends comedy and supernatural elements, providing a unique and entertaining narrative.

As Lovely tries to navigate the challenges posed by Pammi’s condition, the film explores themes of love, acceptance, and the societal norms surrounding beauty. It challenges the stereotypes and prejudices related to physical appearance and highlights the importance of inner beauty.


  1. Binnu Dhillon as Lovely: Binnu Dhillon plays the lead role of Lovely, a man with a dark complexion. His character is known for his positive attitude and good sense of humor, which he uses to navigate the challenges that come his way.
  2. Sargun Mehta as Pammi: Sargun Mehta portrays the character of Pammi, a beautiful woman whose behavior takes a mysterious turn after marriage. Her performance in the film is both captivating and enigmatic.
  3. Jordan Sandhu as Young Lovely: Jordan Sandhu plays the younger version of Lovely in flashbacks, adding depth to the character’s backstory.
  4. Karamjit Anmol and Harby Sangha in supporting roles: These two seasoned actors contribute to the comedy and drama in the film, providing essential support to the main characters.

“Kala Shah Kala” is not just a comedy but also a thought-provoking film that challenges societal norms and prejudices. It showcases the power of love and inner beauty and delivers a unique cinematic experience to its audience. If you’re in the mood for a blend of laughter and the supernatural, “Kala Shah Kala” is a must-watch Punjabi film.

Kala Shah kala Watch Punjabi Full Movie

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