Rajinikanth New Movie Lal Salaam Review

Rajinikanth’s New Movie Lal Salaam Review: Aishwarya and Rajinikanth’s directorial venture, “Lal Salaam,” released on February 9, 2024, unfolds as a cinematic journey that falls short of expectations, despite featuring the iconic Rajinikanth in a special role. With a star-studded ensemble including Vishnu Vishal, Vikrant, and a promising technical crew, the film struggles to deliver a compelling narrative, ultimately resulting in an unengaging and underwhelming experience for the audience.

Lal Salaam movie review

Plot Dynamics

The narrative is centered around Kasumuru village, where the lives of two estranged friends, Guru (Vishnu Vishal) and Samshuddin (Vikrant), take a tumultuous turn following a tragic incident. As the story progresses, the film introduces Moideen Bhai (Rajinikanth), a textile businessman from Mumbai with connections to Guru and the village. The plot navigates through escalating conflicts, insults faced by the villagers, and Moideen Bhai’s involvement, leaving the audience with the central question of whether reconciliation is possible for the young protagonists.


Vishnu Vishal shines through with a performance that aptly captures the nuances of his character. Vikrant delivers an adequate portrayal, and Rajinikanth, in his special role as Vikrant’s father, manages to impress with his signature style and impactful dialogues. Jeevita Rajasekhar’s natural appearance and the supporting cast’s competent performances contribute positively to the film.

However, the positives are overshadowed by several glaring shortcomings, starting with a plot that feels all too familiar. Aishwarya Rajinikanth’s attempt to convey a message falls flat as the storyline lacks originality, resembling themes already explored in numerous older films.

Cinematic Pitfalls

The film’s major setback lies in its sluggish screenplay. The pacing issues, particularly in the second half, test the audience’s patience and hinder the emotional impact of crucial scenes. Despite the commendable portrayal of the village ambiance and retro aesthetics, the emotional sequences lack the desired resonance.

A glaring absence is felt in the background score, which fails to elevate the emotional beats of the narrative. The unfamiliar cast, coupled with questionable dubbing choices and underwhelming performances, creates a disconnect, hindering the audience’s immersion in the storyline. The inclusion of characters played by Ananthika, Kapil Dev, and Nirosha adds little substance to the overall narrative, leaving viewers questioning their relevance.

Lal Salaam movie review

Technical Evaluation

Aishwarya Rajinikanth’s dual roles as screenplay writer and director reveal shortcomings in delivering a captivating cinematic experience. While Pravin Baaskar’s editing and Vishnu Rangasamy’s cinematography manage to meet the basic standards, the usually stellar AR Rahman’s musical score falls short, failing to make a lasting impression. The film’s extended runtime exacerbates its issues, diminishing the overall impact and leaving viewers wondering about the director’s choices.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Lal Salaam Review presents itself as a lackluster and disappointing cinematic endeavor. Despite the commendable performances of the lead actors, the film’s inherent flaws, including a recycled plot, sluggish pacing, and an underwhelming score, outweigh its strengths. Even the charismatic presence of Rajinikanth cannot salvage the film. Audiences are advised to explore alternative entertainment options this weekend, as “Lal Salaam” struggles to leave a lasting imprint on the cinematic landscape, marking it as a missed opportunity in the world of Indian cinema.

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