Skanda Movie in Hindi (2023)

The movie Skanda is released in the Telugu language in this post we will discuss where to watch the Skanda movie in Hindi and complete details about the movie.

Skanda Movie in Hindi Overview, Plot, Cast, & Where to watch

Skanda Movie


“Skanda” is a 2023 Indian Telugu-language action drama film directed by Boyapati Srinu. This high-octane film stars Ram Pothineni in the lead role, with Sreeleela playing the female lead. Known for its gripping storyline, intense action sequences, and stellar performances, “Skanda” has garnered significant attention from audiences and critics alike.


The story of “Skanda” revolves around a young man, played by Ram Pothineni, who takes on a powerful antagonist to seek justice and protect his loved ones. The film combines elements of drama, action, and emotion, making it a complete entertainer. The protagonist’s journey is marked by numerous challenges, thrilling encounters, and a deep underlying message about courage and righteousness.

Cast and Crew:

  • Director: Boyapati Srinu
  • Lead Actors: Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela
  • Supporting Cast: Includes notable actors like Prince Cecil and Saiee Manjrekar
  • Music: The soundtrack of “Skanda” is composed by S. Thaman, known for his energetic and catchy tunes that perfectly complement the film’s action-packed narrative.

Release and Reception:

“Skanda” was released on September 15, 2023, and quickly became a box office hit. The film’s engaging screenplay, dynamic direction, and powerful performances have been praised widely. It has also been appreciated for its high production values and impressive visual effects.

Skanda Movie 2023

Where to Watch:

For Hindi-speaking audiences, “Skanda” is available in Hindi dubbed version. Here are the platforms where you can watch the full movie in Hindi:

  1. Theatrical Release: Initially, “Skanda” was released in theaters with Hindi dubbing in several regions across India. If it’s still running in cinemas near you, catching it on the big screen is highly recommended for the full cinematic experience.
  2. Streaming Platforms: Post its theatrical run, “Skanda” has been made available on various OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms. As of now, you can watch “Skanda” in Hindi on:
    • Amazon Prime Video: The movie is available for streaming in high definition with options for subtitles.
    • Disney+ Hotstar: Another platform where “Skanda” can be found in its Hindi dubbed version, offering ease of access and high-quality streaming.
    • YouTube Movies: For those preferring to rent or purchase the movie, YouTube Movies provides a convenient option to watch it in Hindi.
    • Zee5: Often hosts popular regional films dubbed in multiple languages, including Hindi. Check the platform for availability.

Skanda Movie Review


  • Engaging Performances: Ram Pothineni’s commanding screen presence and Sreeleela’s impactful performance.
  • Action Sequences: Well-executed and visually captivating, keeping the adrenaline pumping.
  • Direction: Boyapati Srinu’s ability to maintain a balance between action and drama.
  • Music: Thaman’s energetic score elevates the film’s mood and intensity.


  • Predictable Plot: While entertaining, the storyline follows a familiar trajectory common in action dramas.
  • Pacing Issues: Certain segments might feel slightly stretched, affecting the film’s overall tempo.

Overall Impression: “Skanda” is a quintessential action drama that excels in delivering high-energy entertainment. Ram Pothineni’s powerful performance, combined with Boyapati Srinu’s dynamic direction, makes it a compelling watch for fans of the genre. Despite its predictable plot, the film’s engaging action sequences and solid performances ensure it remains a memorable cinematic experience.

Skanda Full Movie in Hindi

Film Summary

“Skanda” is a must-watch for fans of action dramas. Its compelling storyline, powerful performances, and exceptional direction make it a standout film in recent Indian cinema. Whether you prefer watching movies in theaters or on digital platforms, “Skanda” offers a thrilling experience in its Hindi dubbed version that you shouldn’t miss.

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