Ullu Web Series 2024 New Releases

This platform is known for its bold and engaging content and continues to captivate audiences. Here in this post, we will share the latest Ullu web series releases in 2024. Here’s a look at some of the newest additions to their diverse library:

17 Ullu Web Series will be released in 2024

1. Angoori

Ullu Web Series Angoori

    • Plot: Angoori, a blind yet innocent young woman, crosses paths with Ajay, who also shares her visual impairment. Together, they embark on a journey to discover love that life seems to have taken away from them.
    • Themes: Love, Disability, Emotional Journey
    • Cast: Pihu Singh, Sanjay Bharadwaj, Nitin Peepra, Ashish Singh, Aneesh Yadav

2. The Bucket List

The Bucket List Ullu Web Series

      • Plot: Rani, a spirited and adventurous woman, marries Sudhir, who leads a more conventional life. Tensions arise when Sudhir discovers Rani’s bucket list of unexplored sexual activities that she is determined to fulfill.
      • Themes: Adventure, Sexual Exploration, Marital Tension
      • Cast: Bharti Jha, Danish Kapai, Santosh Kumar, Aayushi Jaiswal, Prashant Kumar Singh,

        Kalyani Jha,  Shabnam Aarif Shaikh,  Danish Kapai,

3. Sanskari

ullu web series Sanskari

    • Plot: Girdhaari, a recently widowed uncle with unmet physical desires, seeks help from a friend and explores a dating app to satisfy his needs.
  • Themes: Loneliness, Desire, Online Dating
  • Cast: Bhimraj Malaji, Aliya Naaz, Natasha Rajeshwari, Anupam Gahoi, Rocky Singh Rajput, Anita Jaiswal,

4. Chehraa


      • Plot: Details are currently under wraps, but this series promises intrigue and drama.
      • Themes: Mystery, Drama
      • Cast: Simran Kapoor, Vivaan Srivastava, Diraj Alwani, Prity Dey, Anmol Jain, Supriya Chaube, Ranvijay Singh

5. Cheese Cake – Part 2

Cheeze cacke ullu web series 2024

    • Plot: Continuing from the first part, this series delves deeper into the lives of its characters with more twists and turns.
  • Themes: Continuation, Drama, Relationships
  • Cast: Ashraf Saifee, Anirudh Pratap Singh, Pooja Singh Rajpoot, Anjali Arora, Neha Gupta

6. Mishti

mishti ullu web series 2024

      • Plot: Specific details are awaited, but “Mishti” is set to offer a compelling storyline.
      • Themes: Drama, Romance
      • Cast: Bharti Jha, Vishal Bhatt, Sunita Rajput, Ashraf Saifee, Sunny Saini

7. Charmsukh: “Jane Anjane Mein 7”

Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 7

    • Plot: This installment follows a married couple in a long-distance relationship, where the wife’s hidden desires find an outlet through her smartphone and an unexpected partner.
    • Themes: Long-Distance Relationship, Desire, Secrecy
    • Cast: Dev Dehman, Jinnie Jaaz, Anmol Jain, Maan Singh Meena, Gaurav Rajput, Deepak Dutt Sharma, Pihu Singh

8. Maa Ka Nakka

Maa Ka Nakka

    • Plot: Barkha and her daughter Pallavi run a travel agency. Their lives are disrupted by the arrival of a new employee, Mukul, who creates tension between them.
    • Themes: Family Drama, Workplace Conflict
    • Cast: Jayshree Gaikwad, Sofiya Shaikh, Veehan Kapur, Bharat Chauhan, Aliya Naaz, Bhimraj Malaji

9. Chachi No 1

    • Plot: Harsh visits his aunt in the village and notices her dissatisfaction with his uncle. His infatuation leads him to get closer to her, resulting in unexpected consequences.
    • Themes: Forbidden Love, Family Secrets
    • Cast: Deepak Dutt Sharma, Bharat Bhushan, Prajakta Jahagirdar

10. Dekhi Andekhi

    • Plot: Dev becomes a tenant at Neha and Raj’s house and develops an infatuation with Neha, leading to a tragic accident that alters his life.
    • Themes: Infatuation, Tragedy, Consequences

11. Sabak Isho Ka

    • Plot: In an ordinary coaching class, teacher Shikha finds herself attracted to a new student, Mayank, blurring the lines between mentor and student.
    • Themes: Forbidden Attraction, Education, Romance

12. Gaon Ki Garmi 4

    • Plot: Sonu and Nisha’s idyllic honeymoon is interrupted by Sonu’s seductive aunt, Jhanvi, igniting jealousy and suspicion in Nisha.
    • Themes: Honeymoon Disruption, Jealousy, Family Drama

13. Aamras

    • Plot: Struggling erotica author Vinay is promised success by Mrs. Ghosh if he tells her a sensual tale daily. As Vinay spins his stories, Mrs. Ghosh weaves her own illusions.
    • Themes: Erotica, Aspiration, Manipulation

14. Garam Masala

    • Plot: A newly married couple’s bliss is shattered when an old couple casts a black magic spell on them, controlling their minds and actions.
    • Themes: Black Magic, Marital Conflict, Supernatural

15. Manmaniyan

    • Plot: Dev Kumar, a middle-aged man feeling lost and unfulfilled, is drawn to Soni, his teenage daughter’s friend, awakening forgotten desires and prompting him to question his life choices.
    • Themes: Midlife Crisis, Forbidden Desire, Self-Discovery

16. Chull

    • Plot: A young couple and their parents live together, with the son secretly involved with his mother-in-law. When discovered, the father reveals his son’s infidelity, leading to a secret relationship between him and the daughter-in-law.
    • Themes: Infidelity, Family Secrets, Complex Relationships

17. Dream Girl

    • Plot: Sisters Rani and Lata have different aspirations; Rani is content as a homemaker, while Lata seeks more in life. Lata’s ambitions lead her on a different path, impacting their lives.
    • Themes: Aspirations, Sisterhood, Life Choices

These Ullu web series offer a mix of drama, romance, intrigue, and bold themes, continuing to push the envelope in digital storytelling. Whether you’re looking for intense drama or captivating romance, Ullu’s 2024 lineup has something for everyone.

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